Ok, ok

So my goal was to write here daily, and already I failed. Not that I’m shocked by that, but some days my life seems to take over what I want to do. And yesterday was no exception.

Our 13 year old refrigerator seemed to develop some problem on the freezer side on Monday. So repairman was called and he came first thing yesterday. Good thing I had at least showered before he showed up, cuz THAT would’ve been embarrassing! Luckily, this is my regular repairman, I trust him, he does good work and he fixed the issue with only the cost of a service call. Woo hoo!

Then I had to take my beloved dog, Izzy, to the groomer for a long overdue hair cut and nail trim. He’s a Border Collie and some kind of mix. Lab? Shepard? Whatever he is, we rescued him when he was only about 4 weeks old, too young to be at a shelter and he is The Smartest Dog. Ever. I know all pet owners say they’re pet is the smartest, but seriously, Izzy is the smartest dog in the whole world. I love him as much as my children!

So after I dropped him off, I had to go get beautified myself. This took a bit longer than I thought, guess I needed extra work! But by the time I was done, my hair was gorgeous and I had to run to get Ryan from school. Then we had to run to get Izzy. Now my whole day is gone. And I’m exhausted!

So those are my excuses for yesterday. Today I pledge to TRY better. Doesn’t mean I will be, but I’m going to try. I’m also going to get on the treadmill downstairs today. I had lost 35 lbs this summer. Ok, ok, 37 but who’s counting? But when school started back and my running partner had to go back to work, we stopped. I stopped. I tried to go on my own, but no accountability has a way of leading to sabotage. And guess what happened? Yep. 10 lbs, back on and I’m in the “lets beat ourself up for it” phase. Best way to get out of that and to kick my own ass on the treadmill. I promise to let you know how it goes and I also vow to be honest about it.

I’ll report back later.

One thought on “Ok, ok

  1. NEVER beat yourself up over this stuff. NEVER. Just accept that you are where you are today, and do what you can to get yourself to where you want to be tomorrow.

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