Sam’s Club Addict

So today I’m making my monthly trek to Sam’s Club. I could be going to Costco, which is closer to my house, and way more convenient. But I will drive half an hour, one way, to go to Sam’s.

There’s a few reasons for this, none of which truly justifies my actions. So I have come to understand that I have an addiction to the place. I can’t break the cycle.

I started going to Sam’s Club when it was the only warehouse type shopping in the area. There was no Costco in all of Central Ohio. So it was Sam’s or nothing. I liked Sam’s 20 years ago. It was close to where I lived. They have lots of cool stuff. I could charge my monthly purchases on my Sam’s Club card. I loved that! I would pay for it the next month when I came in if things were tight that month. At Christmas, it was amazing! I could go to Sam’s for big ticket gifts, jumbo rolls of wrapping paper, and did I mention the huge cookie platters? Yes! I could also use my card at WalMart, which made it even more convenient during the holidays. Then I could pay on it over the next few months. Sweetness!

Then the area began changing. Not for the good. This is not because of the Sam’s Club, or because of the WalMart next door. The area has one of the largest immigrant populations in Central Ohio. I don’t know legal or not, I don’t ask for green cards when I see someone. But I can tell you, most do not speak English. At all. I can also tell you they are rude, and mean, most have a daily agenda of going out of their way to terrorize middle aged white women. I have had people literally cut in line in front of me and put their stuff on the belt when my stuff was already there. I have been yelled at in some language saying things I don’t understand, but hands are flying around and they get their way. I have seen their kids running loose in the store, knocking displays over. Store managers shake their heads but don’t say a word to them about it. It’s truly like inmates running the asylum.

When the people cut in front of me in line, I SWORE I would never be back there. And I haven’t. But there’s another Sam’s further away. It’s clean, it has the products I look for each month that Costco doesn’t carry, I can charge on my Sam’s card which you can’t do at Costco. And I don’t feel like I entered a third world country just to get a deal on Tide and boneless chicken breasts.

If this newer Sam’s becomes like the other one, I might have to stop warehouse shopping altogether.

Or I might learn to embrace Costco.

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