Lying Liars who Lie

Everybody is talking about Lance. How could he lie? How could he cheat? What about all those cancer survivors who only got better because of Livestrong? Well, I have news for all of these shocked and outraged people. EVERYONE lies. Everyone. Some are little “white lies” to avoid hurting someone’s feelings that don’t really hurt anyone else. The “does my butt look big in these pants?” is the cliched example. No husband/friend wants to say “Oh my God, you’re butt looks HUGE!” to avoid those hurt feelings. But wouldn’t it be better if said husband/friend said, “Ya know what, yea, they kinda do. Maybe you should wear something else.” Because the world doesn’t need more touchy-feely, you’re great, I’m great, la la la la la.

But there are bigger, more powerful lies that are far more damaging, more life altering, more irreversible than whether or not something is wearing the wrong jeans. Spouses who are having an affair and lying. Addicts who look you right in the face and lie about whether they used their substance of choice. Trusted advisors who lie about how they didn’t take the money you gave them to invest and headed to the track instead. The friend who says they have your back, while they’re the ones lying to everyone else around you about you. All of these lies HURT. How does someone ever truly trust someone who can look another person square in the eye and lie. I have been on the receiving end of most of those examples. It changes a person to be lied to constantly. It changes the lens you view other people, no matter how much you don’t want it to. The little annoying voice in the back of your mind is yapping that you are being tricked. You’re gullible. You’re naive. If anyone knows how to get over that, please feel free to comment and let me know. Because short of cutting all ties to that person, I think you’re kinda stuck in that “I like you, but I’ll never completely trust you ever again, ever ever ever” and that’s a sad place to be.

But that brings me back to Lance. Will anyone ever be able to trust a word out of his mouth ever again? I watched the first part of the interview last night, mainly because nothing else was on, everyone was talking about it and I wasn’t ready for bed. I should have just gone to bed. Because after he admitted he lied for years, how he doped before every single win of the Tour De France, everyone in America should have just turned it off. Why believe anything he said after that? Because he’s now some upstanding individual who is baring his soul and coming clean. Give me a break. Lying liars who lie only come clean for one reason…..they’re about to be exposed and they’re trying to get ahead of the lie. Lance knew he was about to be exposed by his own drug test from his very first race. He is still scheming and manipulating and to me, still being a liar.

I feel sorry for the people who think he is the reason they beat cancer. THEY beat cancer. Lance didn’t do it for them. Doctors, nurses and today’s incredible technology helped them beat cancer. Many more didn’t and that’s something we need to work on, but please don’t ever think that Livestrong did that.

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