Housewives and husbands at home

Today my husband worked from home. He can do that, thankfully, because he can do his job from basically anywhere there is a computer connection. It’s a blessing most days. A curse on others. He can’t always get away from work, even when we’re on vacation, or out to dinner, or other very inappropriate times.

Today, however, is an exception. He drives a truck that we bought brand new, literally off the show room floor. 12 years ago. Last night on his way home, it was acting up, so he dropped it off at the wonderful Tuffy across the street from us. So guess what that means? Yep. He’s working from home today.

So here’s what goes through my mind when he’s here: Is she really going to eat THAT for breakfast? When is she going to take a shower? Is she going to keep flipping through the channels? But the biggest, loudest voice inside my head is What does she DO all day??

The life of a stay at home mom is not glamorous, but it’s also not jam packed every single day with back to back to back action items that could be cataloged on a spreadsheet. Some days I have only enough time to eat half of a cold bagel in the car as I go non stop til time to pick up after school. Some days, I have nothing pressing to do but catch on my Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (or Orange County, or New York, or New Jersey….but who’s counting?) on the DVR while the laundry is going.

Today is one of those days. Oh, I showered before 8am, had a Greek yogurt for breakfast, and the 4th load of laundry is still going. So I’ve snuck off with my iPad to the bedroom so I can watch General Hospital.

Shhhhh, don’t tell him I’m in here.

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