Thyroid and cold

I live in Ohio. All my life, I have lived here. One thing has never changed, it gets cold here in the winter. Some years are colder than others. Some are snowier. Even in years like this where we have broken a record high of 67 in January, it snaps back to reality quickly. In the same week that we hit the record high, we are now experiencing wind chills below zero. Yep. Craziness.

I also discovered this past fall that my thyroid is out of whack. I had started running to lose weight, and it was working, but WOW, I had to work hard at it. Running every other day and limiting calories to no more than 1000 per day was the only thing that seemed to work. It was very frustrating to work so hard, be hypervigilant, and only lose a pound in a week. So I went to the doctor to discover I had hypothyroidism and he prescribed synthetic thyroid medication.

It kicked my weight loss into a more normal mode, where I was losing 2-3 pounds in a week and making steady progress. Fantastic. I had dropped 35 lbs in the fall just by running and kind of watching what I ate. Woo hoo! Yea me!

But then the cold kicked in. It’s hard to describe the feeling I have without sounding cliche or exaggerating but it goes into my bones. It actually hurts the very marrow of my bones. The thought of running in this makes me feel like my legs would literally snap in half. My hands and feet are constantly cold, even in the house, and yes even with socks on!

I decided to do some research and found that this coldness is a very common issue with those of us suffering from hypothyroidism. I’m hoping that perhaps my medication needs increased, maybe that will help. I’m thinking by the time that happens, spring will have sprung around here and it won’t hurt so badly.

In the meantime, I’ll be found in my house, under a blanket as much as possible.

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