Yoga for the inflexible

Although my quest to get healthier has stumbled a few roadblocks here and there, the goal still remains firmly in front of me. I do wish I had the body of a Victoria Secret model, however, I am also realistic. I don’t have the genetic make up, nor am I 23 without children. (Please don’t remind me of the models who have had one or MORE children. ugh!) I don’t have personal chefs or personal trainers or personal anything. I just do the best I can and I’m learning along the way.

One of my dearest friends and also my running partner asked me to take a yoga class with her, I laughed. Surely she has seen me at my worst, after a long run, barely breathing, sweat all over me, and knowing that I am one of the least flexible people on the planet. Oh sure, I can touch my toes. That’s about it. Can I really do yoga?? It’s laughable and terrifying at the same time.

Even when I’m not still struggling to lose another 30 lbs, my boobs are huge. Let’s just be honest. They are. That is my genetic blessing. It could’ve had a svelte figure, slim hips, long legs, but no I have a big rack. It makes me look bigger than I am cuz it’s all you see sometimes! The thought of doing a downward dog pose makes me worry about the very real possiblity of suffocation. Am I going to be able to breathe with those things hanging upside down?

I have never been able to do the splits. Not even close. Back bends? Are you kidding me? I can’t even do a cartwheel. Never learned how. I do realize that none of that is part of yoga. I don’t even think there is a test for flexibility to get in the door. But it goes to show the level of my inflexibility. This is nothing new, this is 40 something years of not being flexible. At all. I wonder if, as a baby, I was even able to get my foot to my mouth in some adorable pose. I bet not. The thought of trying to pull my foot up past my knee once again has me bursting with laughter.

But I am going tonight to yoga class. Maybe I’ll love it as I did with running. I never thought I would, but I do. So maybe she hasn’t steered me wrong and this is something else I will fall in love with that is good for me, mind, body and spirit. Maybe tomorrow, I’ll be able to report that it was awesome, fabulous, life altering, on and on and on. I’m really hoping I do. If I don’t end up a pretzel on the floor, unable to move, I’ll let you know.

2 thoughts on “Yoga for the inflexible

  1. I’m 25 and just in the last month I seemed to have lost all my flexibility, especially in my hips. I swear one of these days my knees are going out. Getting older sucks. When you’re young you don’t care about how flexible you are.

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