Blogging – Making it a Habit

When I first agreed to start blogging, I thought I would be fun. I checked out some friends who were doing it to see what, when, how and to get some starting tips. Some friends did it once a week. Some were doing it multiple times a day, almost like an online version of Dear Diary.

I figured I would do this when I had something I really needed to say. Something to get out, or vent over, or I thought was just oh-so-important that I was just sure the rest of the bloggesphere would want to know about. And that was great, until I started to get a cold last week. I wasn’t sick, just…..blah. I couldn’t think of anything remotely interesting to write about, so I didn’t. And a day turned to a few days. I did go to yoga last Saturday and felt better that day, but by Sunday afternoon, it was back. But worse!

So I didn’t blog a few more days. By Tuesday, full blown cold or sinus infection or something is going on. And the last thing I wanted to do or felt like doing was writing. And then it dawned on me this morning as I was blowing my nose for the 8, 945th time, I need to blog about THIS! How many other newbie bloggers are there who are probably feeling the exact same way? Bet I’m not the only one! One thing I have learned for certain in my, um, mid 40s, it that the more you feel like you’re the only one feeling a specific way, you are NOT the only one. It’s wonderful to meet kindred spirits who say “I thought I was the only one!!!”

So here am I, sick, blowing my nose again (count 8, 946) and am very glad I decided to do this today. Because this isn’t meant to be stressful. Or tedious. Or guilt-filled. It’s supposed to be fun. Light. Hopefully slightly entertaining even to those who don’t know me. So I vow to make this more of a habit than not. To be more engaged even if I don’t feel like it. To decide that if my topic of the day isn’t life shattering, that’s ok, because really, who needs their life shattered every day?? I would get tired of picking up the pieces!

I need to get more tissues……..

3 thoughts on “Blogging – Making it a Habit

  1. I am relatively new too – only been blogging for about 7 months or so. It’s definitely something very different to get used to, isn’t it? Blogging when it isnt something SUPER EXCITING can be just as interesting to someone.

    The way I see it is, I blog about all sorts and the readers can comment/like if they enjoyed it, but can equally pass it by if that particular post didnt interest them on that day…

    I think you should be able to blog about anything and everything you fancy blogging about. Those that are like minded seem to find you along the way regardless!

    • I agree. This blog is for me, and if others find it interesting, I would hope they would comment or at least like it. But for now, this is mine for whatever strikes me today. Until (ha) I get paid to do this, I hope most people at least just find it worth their 5 minutes to read.

      I will be checking out your blog too. Thanks for the comment and I hope you come back!

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