A New Day Dawns

I love days like today. It’s sunny. Blue skies everywhere you look. Feeling renewed from church and a wonderful weekend. It’s hard to not imagine that it’s 75 and perfect outside while sitting inside at my computer.

Taxes need done, bills need paid, but I just keep looking at the window of my computer loft at the woods behind my house and the sunshine pouring in. I am straining to see the beginnings of a bud on the trees, but not yet. Snow crocuses are breaking through the mulch, so I know spring really is just a few short weeks away.

A sense of renewal comes with this time of year, a feeling of hope just out of view, but almost there.

Maybe it’s due to that feeling or something else, a waning, a crack. We decided to give Ryan his phone back, his Xbox back, and his laptop, although the latter is a limited basis and at the kitchen table only. That does not mean he is still not grounded from parties or sleepovers. Ohhhhh boy, he is. He suffered a week with no contact with anyone except while in school. It’s time to put that part behind and move on. He’ll get small things restored as trust improves, but he knows that will take time. And surprisingly, he’s grateful for what we’ve already returned to him. Maybe there’s hope for the silver lining in this after all.

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