Purging – the new cleanse

Purging. It’s amazing how good it feels after you’ve gotten over the initial shock of it. It’s really a great feeling. Healthy even.

No, I’m not talking about throwing up, I’m talking about throwing out! After 20 years of marriage, 13 in the same house, it’s amazing how much crap gets accumulated. Stuff that you don’t even realize was right there, in your face, but you see it every day and don’t even think about it anymore.

We are going to be moving, sometime within a year or at the most 3 years. Its kind of up in the air and I don’t like the not knowing part. So I guess to deal with that stress, I’ve decided to purge. I’ve rationalized it as a way of organizing, what needs to be moved, what can be donated and repurposed for someone else, and what can be tossed.

First, I was overwhelmed with the amount of stuff we had in our modest 1800 sq ft home. So I decided to start in the basement where most of our crap ends up. I made a dent, but woah, it was still overwhelming. I decided to move to our spare bedroom and managed to clean that entire room. I threw bags away, created a growing pile for my nephews and have a very good start on items for our community garage sale. Keep, donate, sell, throw away.

As I was going through the room I also came to realize that we all have places to purge. We just need to take the time, have an honest eye and dig in. Whether its possessions, food, or your life. There is always room for improvement. Keep and hold dear what means something to you. Donate your time or money or stuff that will make a difference in someone elses life. Sell what is still useful but maybe not for you. And throw away what is not good for you in your life anymore.

I think it’s hard sometimes to distinguish between the donate, sell, throw away. That’s when you take a deep breath, carefully analyse, and make the decision. And you also get to be a bit selfish, because this is your life, and your purge. Holding on to your high school yearbook, that’s an easy one to put in the keep pile. Holding on a broken lamp, thinking it’s going to get fixed but you know it never will is best to be thrown away. Or donated because maybe someone else can fix with what’s wrong with it.

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