Curly hair – The Blessing

When I was younger I had straight hair. My mom kept it cut short, which I guess was the style back then. I wasn’t a fan of short hair, maybe because that’s what I had. I wanted the long flowing locks of the movie stars and my friends.

Luckily, I was in high school in the early 80s. Big hair was THE thing! I grew my hair longer and got perms and endless cans of AquaNet. I had the thing going on! I continued getting perms for years. Without one, my hair had developed these “waves” which I despised. It felt somehow…in-between. So I continued with the perms and my longer curly hair.

When I became pregnant with my youngest, I stopped the perms because of reports of breathing in the chemicals and potentially going through the scalp and into my bloodstream. I didn’t want my longing for curls to effect my baby. So I stopped cold turkey. But the weirdest thing happened. My perm never grew out. My curls kept coming in. The further along in my pregnancy, the curlier it got.

I’m now 16 years perm free and my hair is still as curly as if I just walked out of a salon. Friends and acquaintances who knew me back then think I still have a perm. Does anyone even get perms anymore? I never hear of someone doing that. My hair is long, which helps weigh down the curls and prevents any type of “sheep” look, but it’s still not long enough for me. I love the length and flow of long hair, on everyone! I see short hair and think, Ohhhhh it would be soooo much prettier if it was a little longer, but that’s just my opinion. To each their own, right?

In my long curly state, I wear it up in a ponytail more often than not. I like the carefree ability to throw it up and go. I have more hair products than most beauty salons. Elastics, scrunchies, conditioner, sprays, gels, mousse, clips, barrettes, on and on. It takes me longer to do my hair, even in a ponytail than most people spend getting fully dressed in the morning. But I love it and wouldn’t trade it for anything.

When I get my hair done, I’ll have it straightened, which lasts a few days until I wash it again. I must say, I like the look when it’s straight and can’t stop running my fingers through it. It’s soft, silky gives me a whole new look. But oh, I’m so relieved every time I wash it and my curls spring back. Days like today, windy and rainy, I am so blessed to know, my hair will look the same in the rain as it does without. And I don’t worry about the rain turning me into a sheep.

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