Jodi Arias

The trial is back on!! The trial is back on!!!! I can come out of my slump and look forward to Juan Martinez ripping Ms. Arias apart again. She’s had 5 days in her jail cell to determine how she’ll fend off the questions with more answers of “I don’t remember” or “I don’t know” or simply mocking the prosecutor as she likes to do.

I have been able to get stuff done around my house the past 5 days. Laundry has been laundered. Dishes have been washed. Floors have been Swiffered. It doesn’t resemble an entry for Hoarders anymore. I have caught up on what needs to be done, all in anticipation for todays show down.

I know I have spelled out my theory before of how this woman killed Travis, but I have yet to hear a different plausible explanation. And since Jodi has a scrambled brain and a foggy memory (her words) we may never know until after she’s convicted and she decides to come clean. And I think my theory makes sense. Trap him in the shower where he can not possibly escape. Start stabbing. But he was stronger than she anticipated, so he stumbles out after being stabbed 29 times, spitting up blood, trying to escape her. She keeps stabbing as he’s trying to get away. She slits his throat. Now he’s dead. She drags him back to the bathroom shower. Maybe he’s still making noises. Maybe she’s just intentionally cruel, but this is where she shoots him. In the head.

Her sense of being wronged, of being replaced, of being discarded, was so strong, so vindictive that I belive she still to this day feels completely justified in what she did. But today Juan will get another crack at her. And I can’t wait!!

But here’s where I’m conflicted. I want her to receive the death penalty. For what she did, she deserves it. But that triggers an automatic appeal. Which will cause the state more money. Cause Travis’ family more anguish. So would a life sentence be the better choice? It would still cost money to keep her in jail for the rest of her life. She’s young. She’ll live a long time on the taxpayer dime unless she gets shived in jail. But is that justice? She sure didn’t afford Travis that consideration.

5 thoughts on “Jodi Arias

  1. 62 seconds for all that to have happened? Quite probable imo, no doubt about it. Remember when other people accomplished so much in such a very short period of time under tragic circumstances, they all say it happened like it was in slow-motion. The defense for Jodi Arias is very probable as the defense has proven Travis’s death by Jodi was needed for her self defense and proven way beyond any reasonable doubt to me.

    • I appreciate your reply.

      I agree that some things happen in slow motion during times of great stress. However, to hear all of the steps that were taken in 62 seconds, I find it highly unlikely. In 62 seconds: he stepped out of the shower, body slammed her to the ground, she gets up, runs down the hallway, into the closet, up to the shelf to get the gun, back down, into the bathroom, yells for him to stop, she shoots him, they fall to the floor, she gets a knife (from somewhere, I think the bedroom which would take additional time) stabs him 29 times, as they are going down the hallway, slits his throat, gets a sheet to put him on and drags him back to the bathroom before the next picture is accidentally taken of her pulling him on the sheet with blood. All in 62 seconds and that is according to HER story, which I don’t believe anyway.

      Do you think all of that is truly plausible in 62 seconds?

      • More likely all happened in about half that time and many of those things happened simultaneous. 62 seconds, no doubt in my mind all could have been accomplished. I think the prosecution just foiled their own case by pointing out the 62 second fiasco.

      • Yup, we’ll just have to see what the jury comes back with and go from there. Clearly, to me, it appears that Jodi simply defended herself from the football-stance-attack from Travis and I think Travis got what he deserved after he got with those child images. Many thanks for any donations to the WWP, I believe it is phenomenal organization.

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