Beach time yet?


So I woke up this morning thinking about the beach. This isn’t unusual, I think about the beach as often as most men think about sex. But today, I was thinking about how our trip down to our personal paradise wasn’t that far away. Well, it feels like it now when there is still talk of snow in our local forecast, but it isn’t so far away that plans aren’t being made and prepared for now.

We usually vacation over the 4th of July. I love to go to the beach and watch the fireworks over the ocean. It’s also a way to get another day of vacation time without taking a vacation day for my husband. The no-see-ums of August aren’t out yet, and the weather is hot! Perfect for getting up and exercising early in order to get some relaxing beach time in when it’s too sweltering to move in the mid afternoon hours.

But before I’m ready to head back down to my chair at the edge of the ocean, I need to lose what I gained over the winter. Doing yoga has made me a tad bit stronger, I feel it in my arms. I’m a bit more flexible than the 2×4 I was when I started. I’m more like a 2×2 now. But I need to start running again. I loved running last summer. Even when it was hot. Even when we had to get up so early to go just as the sun was coming up. I loved setting a new personal best on my time. I loved when other people could start to notice the changes. I loved the clothes. I loved the running community embracing a 40 something newbie and the encouragement I needed to keep going.

I’m hoping that combining my yoga with running, I’ll be beach ready soon. Maybe a new bathing suit will be in order, or at least a new pair of flip flops.

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