Easter Blessings

I’ll start by saying Happy Easter. That doesn’t begin to cover it. Thinking about all the things swirling in my head today, this could be a long blog post. Or, maybe I’ll try to keep it short and discuss in multiple posts. We’ll see how it goes. So bear with me.

4 years ago Michael was baptized in our church. It was less than a year after his accident that happened in July. He started going to AA as soon as he was well enough to be driven, but I don’t believe AA is what ultimately led him to the church. A higher power can be whatever you want it to be. I think people he met through AA helped him break through, but I truly, completely, passionately, believe God met him in his hospital room. I believe there were truly angels that saved him that night. One inch from a tree that would have caused his death upon impact. A nurse driving down the street who saw his crashed bike, but not him. She had a feeling and stopped, found him in the woods and began CPR while calling 911. This occurred on a road that at that time of night is usually deserted. His BAC being .378 and would’ve killed most other people. (And not to be picky about it, but it was .378 by the time they airlifted him to the hospital and they drew blood. I have to believe it was higher than that at the time of the crash)

But lets get back to church. He had been going to AA daily. They recommend 90 meetings in 90 days. He did 180 in 180. During that time, he discovered what has become our church home. He had never ever ever ever ever been religious before. He wanted nothing to do with organized religion. He was a self described atheist. Maybe something was out there but you couldn’t prove it, so its easier to not believe than to believe. Where’s the science? Where are the facts? The Bible is just a book written by people probably high on some local mushrooms and their visions were hallucinations. The Bible has been transcribed so many times, it has lost its original meaning. He had an answer for everything to not believe. Until he woke up from the accident in the hospital.

He says he had an encounter while he was there. Maybe he did. Maybe it was his head trauma. It doesn’t really matter, because to him, it was real and it was powerful. So he timidly brought up that maybe he would like to go to this church close to our house. We passed this church daily for years. He used to complain about the traffic. Now he wanted to go. But he wanted to go alone. That was fine. I sure didn’t think it would last. A few months later, he asked me to come with him. And I gladly accepted. He wanted to take a class about becoming full fledged members of the church. So we did. We met people who we still happily call our friends. We got involved and met more people. After much reflection, he told me he wanted to be baptized on Easter Sunday. The holiest of holy days. Significant. Impactful.

He was baptized that Easter Sunday in 2009. Since then, he has helped many, many others be baptized at our church. He has made friends who support and love him. He looks to one of our head pastors as his spiritual mentor. It’s truly a wonderful evolution for a man who didn’t believe in anything at all almost 5 years.

So Happy Easter to you all. And remember, Jesus is calling all of us all of the time. We just have to listen more than talk sometimes.

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