Has Spring finally sprung?

The birds are chirping. The trees have buds all over them. My phlox is starting to green up and hopefully those hundreds of blooms will burst out soon. The grass is getting greener. The windows have been thrown open!!

And what’s that I see??? Why, it’s a hairy little dust ball that just got blown out from under the china cabinet by the warm breeze flowing through the house. Wait, that sunlight streaming through the window seems to be showing dirt and handprints from certain teenagers and nose prints from a certain dog. I’m pretty sure they weren’t there yesterday. Were they?

I was watching the wind blow my thin wispy curtains that hand in the front windows. Ahhhhh, so pretty. Til I noticed the dust there too! How did this happen?? I check on the back curtains. Yep. Same. Dust on those too.

So what is one to do?? I know the perfect answer! Crank some jams and get to fixing it!!! I have the tunes blasting, the washing machine taking care of the dusty silky curtains, and the Swiffer taking care of the other dust bunnies that tried hiding from me. Dancing around, singing, cleaning and jamming. Now, that’s a way to solve the problem without breaking the spirit of the day, without sulking about the cleaning and getting many things done at once.

And the storm that’s blowing in will save me from going outside to clean the windows, so I guess I got all that done (plus my run!!) and still have time for the trial to start!

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