Day of Purge

Today seems like a great day to purge a few more bags of accumulated crap from our house. It’s rainy. It’s colder. I’m not going to go run til it warms up some, or at least stops raining. So let’s purge!

I know I have opined before about purging and how great it is to get rid of excess stuff that has been collected and kept, all with the best of intentions, over the years. It just never ceases to amaze me though how much stuff we have from roughly 20 years of marriage. I think in a way, it’s also because we have moved only twice during that time. We have been in our current house just over 13 years now. I think people who move more often have the chance to purge, simply to avoid moving stuff from place to place. When you stay put for long periods, the “oh we can just put that in basement” mentality takes over and before you know it, you have only a walking path amid boxes and bags and stacks and shelves.

On a rainy, cold Thursday, it seems perfect to purge. Did I mention it’s also trash day? Yep. Another great reason to just get rid of it.

So I’ll be in the basement with my roll of trash bags. Oh, but don’t worry, I have a TV down there to watch the trial while I’m throwing out stuff. Maybe I’ll be able to get rid of some of my Jodi Arias anger throwing stuff away.

One thought on “Day of Purge

  1. Aw, I LOVE purging/ decluttering days! I am dying to get to my closet and just clean it out of all the winter stuff now that spring has (tentatively) come to Poland. I love putting things in garbage bags and then taking them to the trash, or giving away my clothes that don’t fit me/ suit me anymore. It’s so… cleansing!!

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