Now what?

I just finished my book and I have that typical feeling when you finish a book…..NOW what???? Some friends like to dive right into another book. I need processing time. I have to still think about the characters and what could be happening now, and go over different parts that stuck with me. Sometimes over and over and over and over……

If you haven’t read it (as apparently I’m very late to the game in my new-found love of Jen Lancaster) I highly recommend it.

So now what? I’ve done laundry, the dishes, cleaned Ryan’s bathroom (which reminds me, I need to completely redo that room! How can boys be so messy? It needs a complete overhaul and I’m trying to figure out the best and cheapest way to go about it. I need a new mirror, medicine cabinet, faucet, light fixture and paint job. I’m sure I can get that done for less than $500, right???? RIGHT??????) I spied on my horrible neighbors with our new high-tech spy cam, the only thing I haven’t done is cut the grass. But to do that, I need to take the gas can to the gas station. And if I leave, I need to get new ink for the printer too. And to do 2 errands would require me to at least look slightly presentable, which I don’t. Even if I started out looking decent enough to run to the flipping gas station, after cleaning that bathroom, I think I only qualify for another shower and a manicure!

So I decided the best thing to do was download the next book, book my manicure and pour myself a glass of Pinot. Sitting outside on the patio on a gorgeous afternoon, sipping some wine and texting with a friend has taken most of my afternoon. I’m pretty sure cutting the grass can wait til tomorrow.

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