Blogging confusion

Just like most aspects of my life, I find my need and want to blog a bit confusing. And like most things, I need to “talk it out” and get feedback, so feel free to give me your feedback. Or don’t and I’ll wallow in my confusion.

I love blogging about what is going on in my life, which most days seems boring, mundane and very “un-blog-worthy”. But I try to find something that would be interesting to other people and give it my spin. I also had an idea while I was on vacation about blogging recipes. Now, after you’re done laughing at my non-cooking skills, my thought was more about organizing specific recipes and have them be in one place. I have many favorites that I use to cook and bake with, some are passed down family recipes, some are from myriad magazines, some are from cookbooks, some are from friends, etc. Wouldn’t it be great to have all of these in one accessible place??? Yes, yes it would. If there is a better suggestion for organizing all of these recipes and then sharing them, let me know that too. Lastly, I also offer my advice (usually solicited, but not always! I mean, hello?? I’m not much for keeping my opinion to myself, unless it’s extended family and the discussion turns to politics. Because that’s just a no-win even though I’m right and they’re wrong!) and wondered if that was the direction my blog should take. Sort of a “Ask Carolyn” type thing, but not.

I think they all have a place in my life, which is why I’m perplexed and confused. Do I do all 3? I can offer up advice when asked (or not), I can fill you in my life as it’s happening, and then, on extremely boring days, I can throw out a few recipes. It can be a hodge-podge blog. But term makes me feel like it’s messy and needs cleaned up, and cleaning is NOT my forte!!!

So what are your thoughts my blog followers? Because if you don’t help with your input, you’ll be stuck with me…..messy and all.

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