Financial Order or Lottery

I am almost completely debt free. Almost, but not quite there yet. For the past few years, we have been trying to dig out of financial hell by paying more than required on some things and then kind of doing the Dave Ramsey technique of rolling those payments into the highest thing, and so on and so on.

So far, it’s been working well. If only life would follow MY plan instead of throwing me curve balls, it would all go so smoothly!! Yesterday, Michael’s truck took a nose dive. It’s still in the shop with no word as to what is wrong. Besides constantly praying that it is a cheap, easy fix, we’ve also had to look at what our options are if we need to get a new car.

In less than a year, we should have a loan paid off which will free up significant funds for a car payment. Michael’s truck is a 2001 with close to 200,000 miles on it. We bought it brand new (literally off the showroom floor!) and it has been paid off for years. We take care of it, it’s been through several sets of tires, brakes, etc, along with the not so fun stuff (shocks, belts, gaskets) but lately, the repairs have come faster and depending on what is wrong with it now, the repairs are starting to cost more than if we got something new.

So if we can get this truck fixed, he can ride it out for another year (or more!!) by the time he needs a new vehicle, he can buy something he really wants. Maybe we should lease a car until then? Maybe we should roll the loan over into the car payment so it’s just one payment. Maybe we should get the truck fixed no matter what. Even a new transmission costs less than a new vehicle. Ugh!!

This is NOT my area of specialty or comfort. I’ve been a nervous wreck since yesterday. My stomach hurts. I can’t sleep (even more than usual) and I feel cranky!!! I wish I had a big bag of money show up on my front porch, but last time I checked, there wasn’t one. Maybe I’ll win the lottery……

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