Girls Night In…the follow up

I was going to blog yesterday about how amazingly awesome Wednesday night was, but I spent the most of the day not sure I really alive. After consuming a bottle of Malibu, mostly by myself, I’m pretty sure my morning started off yesterday with me looking as well as I felt. 

We managed to polish off 2 bottles of wine, 1 1/2 bottles of Malibu, and most of a bottle of cherry vodka. Oh and beer too. I stayed away from the beer. My friend Malibu was all I needed. Plus we had little umbrellas for the drinks too! I mean, hello?? Do you know me??? They weren’t all pink umbrellas, but they were still cute. We had lots of food but even more laughter! I think it will be a night to remember for a looooong time. But this was an evening we planned and will be doing again….soon!!

In my morning after haze filled with coffee and silence, I was texting with a friend about all that went on that night and laughing about stuff, and she decides, get this…..that we should go for a run. REALLY??? She could’ve suggested we lay on blankets in the backyard with the radio and some SPF 15. She could’ve suggested we take a nap!!! But no. And what did I do??? I AGREED!!! I’m telling you it was the alcohol still coursing through the veins because I don’t know what possessed me to agree to that! So I showered because in all honestly, I looked like death and even though I would be running and sweating and requiring another shower, I would rather shower twice than be seen in public like that! (And you just know that those are the times you run into the one person you wish you hadn’t and they think you just look like that ALL THE TIME!! You know exactly what I’m talking about!) I laced up and out the door we went. I didn’t wear my watch because, honestly, I would rather not time it than bring our average down with a bad run. So with no watch, too much coffee, not enough Exedrin in the world and our shoes on, we started. And we thought, wow! We aren’t doing too bad! I mean, ya know, for what we expected! For the first mile, even mile and a half, we were pretty good. “Oh! We GOT this!!” Uh huh. By mile 2 our pace slowed. By mile 2 and a half, I felt like my legs were filled with concrete. By the 3rd mile, I was actually thinking in my head that I could just lay down right there in the middle of the street and take a nap right there. Cars could go around me. Or, if I was run over, I would be put out of my misery quicker. But the last almost quarter mile, we finished strong.

I downed a carton of Pineapple Coconut Water and felt a little life spring back. After another shower, and Ryan hanging out at a friends house, the couch was calling my name. Well, not just calling, more like pleading for me to come lay on it. Who I am to ignore pleading? 

I’m alive today, feeling better, feeling stronger, I can handle noise above a whisper. So what would be a great plan??? Michael has to work late, Ryan is going to a party, and I think I’m heading out for drinks with the girls. Oh yea. And please don’t remind about yoga tomorrow morning. Not yet. 


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