One of these nights…

One of these crazy ole nights…. Crap, now I’m singing The Eagles. Hold on, I have to go put on a CD. 

Ok, better now. I had another one of those sleepless nights last night. Nothing was wrong. We actually had a fantastic time last night for our anniversary. Dinner was fabulous and we had a lot of laughs. The waitress thought we were cute. (Well, that’s what she said. She was probably just hoping for a better tip, which did get.)

But I woke up at 1. Then at 2:15. Then at 3. Then at about 4:30. I never really fell back asleep after that and by 5, I was wide awake. WIDE awake. All night I was hot. I was cold. I couldn’t get comfortable. The dog needed more water. Then the list of things I needed to get done started rolling through my head. UGH! 

Michael’s alarm went off at 5:30 and I gave up and got up. Started the laundry. (It never ever ever ever ever stops.) I got the dog more water. Which reminds me, I’m starting to think something is wrong with him. He has been drinking so much water lately. The past month or so he goes through between 10-15 bowls of water a day! That’s not normal. Is it??  I did the dishes. I watched the news. And as exhausted as I feel, I can’t sleep. 

Is this menopausal crap? Is it stress? Is it normal “I’m getting old and better get used to it” fatigue? Is this why old people eat dinner at 4 PM?? They’ve been up since 4 am. By 4 PM, they’re ready to hit the sack for the night!

I’ve tried melatonin. It works for awhile. It puts me to sleep very quickly. But it doesn’t keep me asleep. My 1 am wake up call comes no matter what. I need to find something that will keep me asleep, but not knock me out so I don’t hear the smoke detectors. Or my phone. Or the emergency news report. Or a car pull in my driveway. Or the dog panting for more water.

And I wonder why I can’t sleep……  

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