It’s Friday, right?

All day long it’s felt like Saturday. Ryan didn’t have school today due to a teacher waiver day. I saw lots of cars in the high school parking lot, so the kids might have had the day off, but teachers and/or admins didn’t. Michael took the day off to fix the boat trailer before we pass her along to her new owner. So, yea, it feels like a Saturday. Have you had days like that? Where you have to stop and think of what day it really is?

We got the trailer all fixed up. It needed new wiring and lights from years of being abused by the constant bumping of being stored inside. The turn signals were broken and the right hand side didn’t even work at all. Not a big deal when the most we used the trailer was 1 mile, 4 times a year. Repairing it fell very low on the priority list.

Then there was the broken board that occurred when Michael tried to drive the boat sideways onto the trailer. Yea, that didn’t work out so well. So he tried to fix it with about an entire roll of duct tape. It worked for awhile but then it just started sagging in the middle where the board was completely broken in half.

Fixing it all cost about $75 from the bottom line of the selling cost, but we couldn’t in conscience allow her new owner to drive away on an unsafe trailer. $75 was worth the good karma.

With the trailer fixed, we can move on to homecoming weekend now. Awwww, homecoming. What memories does that bring to mind? Happiness or disappointment? Fun or terror? Pleasure or loneliness? My own memories tell me it depends on the year!! 

The parade is going to be starting soon, the game should be a great match up and then the dance tomorrow night. The parade goes right down the middle of my neighborhood and goes into the school with the homecoming court riding in the back of convertibles, waving the Miss USA wave at the adoring crowd lining the street. 

Ryan should look quite handsome in his new dress clothes. He’s going with a group of friends and I’m glad. He doesn’t have a serious girlfriend, and I think sometimes the pressure to take a girl to the dance can be a bit intimidating. But instead of caving in to what he thinks he should do, a group of guys decided, hey, we can go and have a great time and not worry about some girl and her friends. Good for them!  No corsages!! No matching clothes!! No expensive dinners!! Just guys going to BW3s. Wearing dress clothes. 

I’m glad I don’t have to or wish to chaperone. I feel bad for the ones who have to. Twerking? Really?? Or grinding. Or whatever it is they do now. I think it’s still twerking, right? Every generation pushed the envelope a little bit. But twerking?? Get out!!! 

So as they leave for the parade and football game tonight, I hope they realize these are the days and nights that they’ll look back on and remember. Hopefully fondly. Cuz at 16, it’s hard to believe these are some of the greatest times of your life. But they are. I hope they all stay safe, and are smart.

Cuz it’s only Friday night and there’s a lot left for them to do. 


So far it’s been a crazy day, and it’s only 9:30 in the morning! I’ve been up since 4, I had workmen FINALLY show up after I called them Monday and they were to be here Tuesday. Yea, it’s Thursday. I know. I had some funky pop-up thing telling me my cable provider had suspended my outgoing email because I’m sending large quantities of mail. (Say WHAT???) And my garage door, which was just fixed last month, is making some horrendous noise. So yep, another call to another workman who will probably ignore me for a few days. Seems pretty typical and again, I say, maybe they don’t need the work if people are actually contacting YOU to give you money and you can’t return a call or do the job? Life must be pretty damn sweet for ya!

After talking with my sister-in-law yesterday, I decided going to one of our lovely metroparks around here was a great idea instead of my normal routes that I take around my house. I have about 3 or 4 regular routes I do, because doing the same one every day gets boring to me. If I’m not going to look around and check things out, I might as well be running on a track in circles. But that’s REALLY boring to do alone.

So with fall here and leaves starting to change, I thought she had a great point and headed to the park. Beautiful. Quiet. Hills, and bridges and nature just all around.

I’ve developed this weird little habit when I’m by myself I only put one earbud in so I can hear if a biker is coming up behind me, or whatever and it doesn’t scare the crap out of me when they zoom by. But in doing that, even though I have music on, I find myself lost in my own head quite often. Which is fine, because I swear a lot of life’s problems have been solved when people are getting their exercise on! As long as it can be remembered AFTER you’re done. I don’t carry paper and a pencil with me.

So in this time when I’m not solving world peace or poverty or addiction or the financial crisis, I have time to think about other things. Other people. Friends from the past who I’ve lost touch with for one reason or another. Things we used to do. Places we used to go. And it’s funny to me how the bad things, the bad times, the bad feelings always fade. It’s the laughing and the silliness and crazy-stupid things that stick in my mind.

I know they say time heals all wounds. Yea yea. I know. But what time doesn’t steal away are the good memories.

I think I’m at about the halfway point in my life. I hope I am. I hope I have another 40+ years to go. I should be so lucky. I really hope that as the years roll by, it continues to weed out the bad and only leave the good. Because there is so much good and beauty and love and hope in the world if we can just see it.

So I’m going to a different park today, and I’ll be looking at the scenery as I go by. Taking it all in. But also in my head, I’ll be doing a little reminiscing.

Contractors and Job Crisis?

So we have been having some work done around our house lately. Some by choice. Some not so much. But I have noticed something they all have in common…..

They don’t care!!!

I don’t mean they don’t care about the job they perform. So far, so good. (Knock in wood) But I don’t think they care about getting the job, or being reliable, which to me translates to….they don’t care.

We had to have an ash tree removed due to the dreaded Emerald Ash Borer. We weren’t planning on it, we didn’t budget for it, but our tree was infected and all of them in our street were dying. Down it came. So the process of calling a landscaper to grind out the stump and replace the tree began. Sigh…..

I called so many places I started to lose track. Some called back. Some called back several days later. Some never called back to this day. Really?? Are these companies sooooooo unbelievably bust they can’t even return a phone call? They can basically lose work (aka MONEY) because they are so wealthy they don’t need anymore? What??

Then there’s the contractors who can’t show up on time. We’ve all had those contractors, right?

We’re having our house painted (along with our neighbors who are friends, not the horrible neighbors! Ick!!!) and after several quotes for companies that actually returned calls AND came out to give us a quote, we settled on a reputable company who was also the best overall price. They received accolades on Angie’s List. Fantastic, right?

They showed up late on the first day. I shrugged it off. We picked a color of white (who knew there were so many shades of white??) and a storm started blowing in, so they said they would be back first thing Monday morning to start the actual painting. No later than 8 he said.

So I got up, showered, didn’t exercise cuz I just knew any minute they would be here. Then 9 rolled around. Still nothing. Tap tap tap. 10:30, still no one. I’m getting some cleaning done, but really, where are the painters? By 11:30…. Still no painters so I finally call.

And the guy who answered the phone said he would find out what was happening and call me back. Ask me if he called me back. Go on, ask. The answer is NO. He didn’t.

Then at 2:30, they painters just showed up. Hello! We’re here! Really??? I wasted most of my day stuck here waiting for you and you come riding in like you saved MY day!?? Last I checked, I’m paying you!

At least they’re here now, painting my house. (Although, it just sounded like one fell off my roof and I’m now scared to look outside) and I’ll take some after pictures, if they ever get done.

Now if I can just get my tree replaced before the first snow flakes fall…….