So far it’s been a crazy day, and it’s only 9:30 in the morning! I’ve been up since 4, I had workmen FINALLY show up after I called them Monday and they were to be here Tuesday. Yea, it’s Thursday. I know. I had some funky pop-up thing telling me my cable provider had suspended my outgoing email because I’m sending large quantities of mail. (Say WHAT???) And my garage door, which was just fixed last month, is making some horrendous noise. So yep, another call to another workman who will probably ignore me for a few days. Seems pretty typical and again, I say, maybe they don’t need the work if people are actually contacting YOU to give you money and you can’t return a call or do the job? Life must be pretty damn sweet for ya!

After talking with my sister-in-law yesterday, I decided going to one of our lovely metroparks around here was a great idea instead of my normal routes that I take around my house. I have about 3 or 4 regular routes I do, because doing the same one every day gets boring to me. If I’m not going to look around and check things out, I might as well be running on a track in circles. But that’s REALLY boring to do alone.

So with fall here and leaves starting to change, I thought she had a great point and headed to the park. Beautiful. Quiet. Hills, and bridges and nature just all around.

I’ve developed this weird little habit when I’m by myself I only put one earbud in so I can hear if a biker is coming up behind me, or whatever and it doesn’t scare the crap out of me when they zoom by. But in doing that, even though I have music on, I find myself lost in my own head quite often. Which is fine, because I swear a lot of life’s problems have been solved when people are getting their exercise on! As long as it can be remembered AFTER you’re done. I don’t carry paper and a pencil with me.

So in this time when I’m not solving world peace or poverty or addiction or the financial crisis, I have time to think about other things. Other people. Friends from the past who I’ve lost touch with for one reason or another. Things we used to do. Places we used to go. And it’s funny to me how the bad things, the bad times, the bad feelings always fade. It’s the laughing and the silliness and crazy-stupid things that stick in my mind.

I know they say time heals all wounds. Yea yea. I know. But what time doesn’t steal away are the good memories.

I think I’m at about the halfway point in my life. I hope I am. I hope I have another 40+ years to go. I should be so lucky. I really hope that as the years roll by, it continues to weed out the bad and only leave the good. Because there is so much good and beauty and love and hope in the world if we can just see it.

So I’m going to a different park today, and I’ll be looking at the scenery as I go by. Taking it all in. But also in my head, I’ll be doing a little reminiscing.

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