So many topics, so little time

On days where I struggle to come up with a topic to blog about, I usually start writing and the topic comes from there. I edit, delete, add, rearrange before I publish it. But days like today, where I haven’t blogged for a few days, I feel like I have too much to say but all the jumbled random thoughts put together would make for a confusing blog post!

But then it struck me! 

A friend who is a phenomenal blogger (check her out at: ) did something today that made sense for what I was doing. She won an award for her blog, and in accepting it, she had to blog 7 things about herself. That’s awesome! Not only did I learn more about her, but I was a great way to tie together 7 random thoughts. 

So I’m going to make a list too. Here are my random thoughts today.

1. Taking Dave Ramsey’s “Financial Peace University” is opening my eyes a different way of looking at money, debt, retirement and savings. I’m so glad we are taking his course. 

2. After taking a Barre class on Monday, it has taken me until today to successfully walk up or down stairs without wincing in pain. Mad mad props to all the dancers out there who do this stuff daily! Good grief! I hope class next Monday is better! Maybe I’ll be able to walk after 2 days instead of 3? 

3. Michael gets to go to Santa Barbara on business and I don’t get to go and it makes me sad! I would not and could not leave Ryan alone for a week, I can’t afford the airfare for Ryan and I to both go, because if I could, I would pull him out of school in a heartbeat and we could go! But sadly, no (see #1). 

4. Our country is falling apart around us and right in front of our eyes and instead of doing something about it, everyone is pointing fingers, blaming the other guy, blaming the other company, blaming ANYONE but them. I wish both sides would stop the fighting, find common ground and get this train back on track. When a national newspaper (not a conservative paper by any means) is reporting that 80% of the country feels we’re on the wrong path, there’s a problem. But that’s also common ground. What can we 80% bind together and fix?

5. We are going to the Ohio State v Penn State football game Saturday, along with a dinner with the Buckeye Club prior to the game. I’m so excited to go that I wish it was Saturday right now! And NO, Ryan is not to be here while we are gone. NO parties will be occurring or I might call the cops on him like those other parents just did. No. Parties. At. My. House. When. I’m. Gone. 

6. Another sweet friend of mine had surgery last week and I have just thought about her almost constantly. I had the same type of surgery she did a few years ago and I know the pain associated with it, the helplessness you feel while recovering, and the frustration of having the will to do something but not the ability. All I can tell you sweetie is that every day, you will get better, stronger and one step closer to recovery. I love you bunches. 

7. I was going to blog about my ex family. That would include my EX husband, my EX mother inlaw, my EX sisters in law and my EX husbands EX wife (Yes, the man managed to find someone else to marry and then divorce after me. Yea, he’s a real winner.) But I’ve decided in doing this blog post that the stupidity that they have displayed over the past week deserves their own post. So that will wait for tomorrow. Get ready to pull up a chair and enjoy this juicy bit of garbage drama. 

That’s 7. Not 7 things about me, but for sure 7 things I think were blog worthy. Maybe you did learn something new about me after all? 

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