Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

On a cloudy, windy crappy November day, with not enough sleep, and a house that needs cleaning, what a better time to pour a cup of hot coffee and turn on the Season premiere of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. I mean, seriously, nothing beats that. Right?

If you watch the show and have not yet seen it,… ::WARNING:: Do not read any further. That was your chance. Now let’s get to it. 

This is one of my favorite of all the RH franchises. To recap, I only watch (and I say “only” as tongue in cheek as I can) NY, NJ, OC, and BH. I do not watch Atlanta or Miami. Out of the four I do watch, BH is full on sickening rich people doing sickeningly rich things with other sickeningly rich people. When 16 year olds not only get a car for their birthday, but it’s GOT to be a Benz. I mean, really? Don’t ALL 16 year olds get a Mercedes? They do in Beverly Hills. 

I think Kim looks AMAZING!!! She is sober, healthy and has never looked better on the show, in my opinion. I’m very happy for her because I really think her death was not far off if she had continued the way she was.

Kyle is looking well, as usual, but there’s something behind her eyes that seems off. Worry about the cheating rumors from Mauricio? Worry about getting older? Worry about her friendship with Lisa being as superficial as possible and still be talking to each other? I don’t know, but I think we’ll find out. 

Lisa is looking great as always and it really shows that she was dancing. Her body had definitely changed and WOW was her dance partner something?? Yowza!!! I’m not sure I liked or appreciated how the show just rolled right into Vanderpump Rules. My DVR recorded 2 hours as RHoBH, not an hour and then an hour of VR. Really? Is that because they NEED the DVRs to merge the shows or was it just a shameless attempt to garner more ratings?

Yolanda and her beautiful daughter Gigi are classy and they know it. With Yolanda battling Lyme Disease and her daughter following in her super model footsteps, I think she shows poise and character. Kyle can make fun of her all she wants, but I think Kyle is a tad bit jealous of her. They are just two completely different people and lead totally different lives. Kyle is the party girl, Yolanda is the girl to go shopping with and have elegant tea luncheons.

Brandi is something else. I’m glad to see her kind of get out of her own way and live a better life than she was last season. With her book, her new boyfriend, new house, and new money, she seems to be more comfortable and not competing with everyone. She doesn’t look as insecure. But at the same time, that train wreck Brandi is there. Oh she’s there. And she’s only a tequila shot or two away from bringing her out in the open.

There are two new girls this season. I heard one was a witch!! I find that totally exciting especially with my deep obsession with AHS: Coven. So this could be kind of cool to watch and see what she does. A hex on someone?? Hmmmm….. But I don’t know how I feel about either one of them. Too soon and not enough air time in the hour it was on.

I still think we could totally have a Real Housewives of Genoa Township. The drama that goes on around here never stops, the cattiness, the backstabbing, the affairs, the divorces, the flaunting of money, oh yea, we have it all. Now if I could just get Andy Cohen to give me an allowance so I could go shopping……..   

The previews of the whole season look amazing. So buckle up ladies, it’s going to be fun, mindless escape for 1 hour a week. Set your DVRs now.   

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