Going out tonight and I can not wait! There is nothing better than going out with friends, surrounded by love and laughter and catching up. It’s so hard to do sometimes when everyone is so busy with family and kids schedules and dates with husbands. And let’s be honest, sometimes by the time Friday rolls around we’re just too exhausted to go out anywhere. Nights like those are best spent in sweatpants with a good movie and some popcorn.

I think I have mentioned before some women have the luxury of going out every week with their peeps. That’s awesome if you can get away. Maybe doing it weekly is a great way to get away from the house, have some girl time, have a few brews and be back home by midnight. I just don’t have that kind of energy! When my alarm goes off at 5:30, I could cry as it is, let alone after being out drinking the night before. I don’t begrudge anyone who does it, more power to you! I just can’t even imagine. My head hurts thinking about it.  

Getting together with a core group of women for dinner and/or drinks once a month is awesome for my schedule and doesn’t leave me feeling guilty for going out. And sometimes after something has happened in one of our lives, the best thing to do is get together with a group, talk it out, know you have the love and support of your friends, have some major laugh-til-ya-cry rounds and walk out with a better perspective. Isn’t that part of the appeal of a GNO? Laughing, talking, bonding, supporting, and lifting UP. Always up, never down. And with a group, there are more shoulders to stack on one another to lift even the worst week possible out of the pit of despair. It’s a fabulous thing. 

I’m so glad to be going out tonight and supporting these women. Tomorrow at yoga I might be telling a different story……..

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