Christmas and Yoga

I haven’t been to my yoga class in almost 2 weeks. I hate that I’ve missed it, but between MIchael traveling so much lately, and Christmas obligations, it seemed like my regular yoga times took an unfortunate back seat. It really made me sad, because we all know how much I love my yoga class. 

Then on Saturday, when I already had to miss class, I woke up with a horrible backache. It still hurts today and I don’t know what I did or why it hurts. But guess what I have been doing instead?? Yep, the ole stand-by yoga DVD. 

I like it cuz it keeps me moving, keeps me bending and stretching, but wow do I miss being in class with my girls and familiar faces. I will admit that I seem to be able to do this DVD much better than when I first bought it, so I give full praise to my yoga instructor for making me stronger without even realizing it. That’s pretty awesome. 

I also have to say, a very amusing side effect is being able to stand on one foot, put my sock and my boot and realize I didn’t wobble, fall over, hold on to a chair or anything else for support. I could do both legs that way! Ha ha!! Way to go Tree Pose!!!

But I think one of the things that I struggle with most and have complained about on this blog a lot is my inability to quiet the noise in my head. And this time of year it’s especially hard. I have a million and a half things running through my mind at any given moment. (Yes, I’ve even stopped typing this TWICE to jump on Amazon because I’ve thought of something I want to order. ACK!) I miss the focus and calming of being in my yoga class. I can tune out the DVD. I can still hear negative thoughts, or the list of things I need at the store, or “what was I going to get her for a gift?” running through my mind.

This is the best calming feature of yoga for me. Even if it’s for an hour, focusing on breathing and form and posture, it gets me out of my own head. Now if I can just find a way to incorporate that into my daily grind when I’m feeling overwhelmed, or my mind is cluttered.  

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