First Snow Falls and Goodbyes

The predictions appear to be true. The world is coming to an end!! Accckkkkk!! Ok, not really, but the usually inaccurate weather forecasters said we would get our first snow of the year were actually true this time! I woke up to a text alert, telling me school was cancelled today. Good thing, because school was already scheduled to be closed because the kids are on Christmas break until January 6th! Not sure what that little glitch was, but thanks for the early morning wake up text. I really appreciate it. No really. 

I made a cup of a new Donut Shop coffee in the now beloved Keurig (seriously, how have we lived without this thing for so long? I want to hug it and I keep it clean, and I’m constantly making sure it has enough water for that spontaneous cup of coffee. Or tea. Or hot cocoa. Oh myyyy!!) and it has not stopped snowing, not slowing down. I really wish we had a snow blower. I have friends who have one, unfortunately, it’s not logistically possible to load it and come across a busy road to my neighborhood, just to use the snowblower. Unless they delivered it to me after they used it, then I used it and brought it back to them. Hmmmmmm…

But in the meantime, it’s blowing and swirling and snowing and we keep being told how cold it is going to get. Dangerously cold. Which also makes me think about homeless people and how I complain about being cold and it’s nothing compared to them. A few friends have discussed gathering coats, hats, scarves, gloves, sweatshirts even, to donate to a few shelters. We have a new offshoot of our church called The Bridge, which helps homeless and near homeless people get back on their feet. I’ve been knitting scarves and gathering coats. If you have something to donate, please let me know. Think about it. Pray on it.

But today is also a day of goodbye. My parents are heading to Jekyll for the next several months, so tonight we’re going out to our annual dinner which has in the past turned quite crazy! We’ve become a little more subdued over the years, but we always have that potential to get out of hand! It’s always fun, lots of laughter, but it’s bittersweet. No matter how old I am, it’s comforting to know they are less than 5 minutes away from me. But here’s the flip side…..I question their sanity for staying here at all! I would be down there year round. Sell the house here, move to the beach. Yep. I mean, there are palm trees in our yard there!! Palm trees!!! No snow. No negative wind chill factor!! Beach! Sunshine! Biking trials! But they haven’t made that decision yet. Only they know when it’s right to move there permanently. 

But as I watch the snow swirling around off my roof, I can’t imagine, given the choice, that I would stay here. Planning our move to Tampa/St. Pete gets me through days like this. A house with a pool. Minutes from a beach. Sunshine. And at least one palm tree. 

Image                           Image

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