Goal one and done!

One of my goals for this year was to make sure if I had something on my calendar, that I did it. If I can go so far as to write it down, block it off, plan for it, then I can DO it. Sometimes, despite best intentions, life can seem to get in the way and things I have written down get pushed back, or cancelled altogether. I wanted to try to change that.

So I have my yoga classes scheduled. They are on every single calendar I have marking my time off for that. I realized that I was missing more than I was attending towards the end of the year and I didn’t like it. I was sick. I had surgery. Christmas. Lots of great reasons to miss. But those misses can quickly turn to habit of NOT going. And I didn’t want that. I love my yoga class too much to just let it fade into a passing fad. 

So this morning I got up early, had my one cup of coffee (have you ever had more than one cup of coffee and then tried to do yoga? It doesn’t go well! Trust me on this point.) showered and was ready to go! Even though it was so cold and it would’ve been sooooo easy to stay in bed, or on the couch under my soft fuzzy pink blanket with a second cup of coffee. And wow am I glad I went. You want to know why? Sure ya do!

Because my many above mentioned “misses” showed up in my body and in my head! Good grief! I felt my body trembling, saw my arms quivering, and knew I was not nearly as bendy as I was before! I want my bendy back!! I tried, and I pushed, and closed my eyes and tried to picture that place of zen to stop the trembling. Listen to my yoga instructors voice. Breathe. Breathe. Listen to the music. Only one pose tripped me up completely and it was one I struggle with constantly. Even though I was disappointed in myself for completely failing that pose, I made it through class without crying or grabbing my purse and leaving!  So that’s a start, right?

It’s starting off this new year of ME right, by doing something **I** wanted to do. It’s good for my mind, spirit and body. I even hugged my yogi after class! How many people can say they do that??  

Monday is my next class and we’re supposed to get stupid cold weather (I mean, it’s going to be so cold that it’s stupid, not that the cold is stupid. Cold can’t be stupid. It’s just cold.) and snow, but as long as they is still class being held, I will be there. I am committed. I will be more bendy. I will do it for me. 


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