You may now resumed your normally scheduled life……oh wait. No. No you can’t. The Christmas break that was supposed to be over today, has now been extended through Wednesday, with school being cancelled through tomorrow. I agree with the cancellation though. According to my phone, with the wind chill, it’s going to between -25 and -30. YIKES!

Kids shouldn’t be out there waiting for a bus or walking to school (even if it’s just a block away) in these temperatures, and sadly, they’re going to get worse this afternoon and evening and overnight is supposed to be downright scary.

As usual, my thoughts go to those homeless and those who need shelter. We’ve seen many news stories in the past few days about families knocking over kerosene heaters and catching their homes on fire. About people using ovens to heat their homes. I have mixed feeling about this, and some of them aren’t very nice. I feel bad that they think the only way to keep warm is to turn on the oven and don’t know they should vent the house. Or use kerosene and allow the kids to run around it and it gets knocked over. The kerosene is labeled highly flammable for a reason.

And I know that not everyone gets to live in a warm house in the suburbs like me. Please don’t send the hate messages. But there are options. There are shelters. There are assistance programs. But listen, I’m not telling anyone anything they don’t know. If you want to stay in your cold house, you’ll find a reason or excuse that you *have* to stay. And I get it. There are pets and kids, and the disabled…. I know. I feel horrible for those in that situation which is why I want to help! I am knitting as fast as my fingers will go. I have cleaned out every closet, every dresser, every box in the basement for spare coats, jackets, scarves, hats, gloves, mittens, sweaters, sweatshirts, socks and boots I could find. They spares are gone!

If I could invite everyone who needed shelter into my home, I would. Especially when the wind is howling. But I can’t. So I hope those who need help ask for it. I hope everyone stays as safe as possible. Pile on the blankets, put on extra socks. Light a fire in the fireplace if you have one. Grab a cup of hot cocoa or hot coffee. 

In the meantime, I’m making cookies, bread and snuggling under my fuzzy pink blanket. And Ryan is ecstatic that he doesn’t have school again tomorrow. 


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