Why does it always happen in bed?

I think this to myself as I look at the clock and it’s 12:30. Sometimes it’s 2am!! And I squeeze my eyes shut and want to scream!

Ha! Now that I have your attention, I’m talking about your best place to think. And for me, it seems to be in bed, as I’m trying to drift off to sleep but the constant thinking sometimes keeps me up to my detriment. It’s as if I finally can turn off my mind, and it says “Ohhhh sorry!! I have a whole bunch of useless, worrisome crap for you to ponder and not be able to do anything about til morning” and then laughs maniacally. 

Last night, I was positive, simply positive, that I our property tax bill was overdue. Yea, when I called about the bill, she told me they haven’t even mailed the bills yet and it isn’t due til sometime in February. Whew. Ok, check that one off. 

But I don’t want to imply that only bad thinking goes on there. Some of my best thinking has gone on there. New things I want to try, people I want to contact, new ideas, good memories….just plain great thinking space. 

And it made me start wondering (as I was trying to get my mind off my now late property tax bill and how much was my penalty going to be and what would this do to our credit, and was I going to be put on some “tax evasion” list now where “they” watch every move we make or monitor our bank account and I just KNOW I didn’t get that bill, but I bet my horrible neighbors did and they never give me my mail if they get it by accident, and they probably have read all kinds of bills and I wonder if they get my magazines sometimes and just keep them and I miss a whole month of Good Housekeeping all because of THEM!) where else I have a thinking space. Where do other people go to think these random thoughts?

(by the way, yes, the above is a conversation I had with myself last night and shows how crazy I truly am.)

The shower seems to be a great place to think and sing. And when it is as cold as it is right now, you can think of a million reasons to NOT get out of the shower. C’mon, show of hands, how many of us have stayed in the shower so long lately that the hot water tank has almost run out? You know you have. Admit it. We’re all friends here. 

I like sitting outside on my patio with a cup of coffee in the morning and just watching the day unfold and think. Not deep thoughts about solving the energy crisis or how to bring peace to the middle east. Just thinking daily, uninterrupted thoughts. Daily plans, what’s going on this week, what is happening on Ryan’s calendar, Michael’s schedule, whatever. I miss being able to do that during the winter and cold months. It’s so peaceful and inviting. Now it’s the frozen tundra. Boo!

The car is another favorite place to think and it’s a great place to talk to and have a captive audience with your kids. They can’t escape! And I enjoy torturing with “my” 80s music, and 70s, sprinkle in some 90s and early 2000’s and you’ve got a mobile jail cell. He really doesn’t like it. I really don’t care. I can think of all the things I wanted to discuss with him and it’s not as easy to allow a shoulder shrug or an “I don’t know” as an answer. I can blast that music til he remembers. I have no problem at all circling 270. I’m up for a road trip anytime. Windows down, sunroof open, hair pulled back, and Van Halen cranked on the radio. Perfect.

So now if I can get the thinking out of my bed and into my car, I’ll be fine. And maybe I can get some sleep!

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