More Forbidden reading

This topic has really got me thinking and I love that so many have contacted me about this. Lots of different perceptions, perspectives and personalities. HA! It also got me thinking (along with a conversation with a friend this morning) about other books that were not “mommy porn” but were frowned upon as we were growing up.

How many girls read “Are you there God, it’s me, Margaret?” I think my entire generation grew up reading that. It was passed from friend to friend, secretly in study hall or passing in the hallway at school. And we knew who read it and who didn’t. The secret Judy Blume society.

But what about even more scandalous books like “Flowers in the Attic”. I was discussing this today because another remake of the movie is coming out on Lifetime this weekend. It can’t be worse than the first movie, so set your DVR girls! This book, and the subsequent follow ups, were full of horrible, horrible things! Incest, torture, kidnapping, domestic abuse, oh MY!!!! And we all read it. (“All” being every teenage girl I knew)

Blue Lagoon? More incest. We had sex all around us in our bedroom on the nightstand tables. Being tucked in after dinner, homework and talking on the phone (remember way back when there was actually a cord attached to the end of the phone that kept you tethered to a certain radius and you walked and paced and twirled your hair laying upside down on your bed? Not so long ago, was it?) and then we’d pull out our copy of whatever scandalous book we were all circulating. We’d dogear some pages. Highlight others. But we read them all!

What books did you read when you were younger that were full of crazy cover-your-mouth topics? Would you let your daughters read them now? I think a lot has changed in the past few decades. While some topics have become more acceptable for adults, are they for your pre-teen? Your 16 year old?

reading in bed

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