Raise a Racket

I need to catch up on this blog, and especially the great weekend and fun we had at the Raise a Racket fundraiser. I really meant to blog about this Sunday, but for some reason, my head felt a bit woozy. So I thought I would do it Monday. But school was delayed a few hours, I had to take Michael to the airport and I got a workout in before it was time for Ryan to come home. Blog didn’t happen.

Tuesday was a snow day and to be completely honest, it was a do nothing day for both Ryan and myself. It was nice to huddle under blankets and watch Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and then Vanderpump Rules. (Speaking of which, OMG, if you watch those shows, seriously, Vanderpump Rules just makes my jaw drop and heart pound. So many people hate Stassi, and I get it, but I’m obsessed with her. I think I love to hate her. I could never ever be friends with someone like her, but at the same time I would seriously love to hang out with her for a night. And don’t even get me started on Kristen (ewww!) and Tom (Ick!) and their completely dysfunctional relationship. Yet I watch every week…..sigh)

Today is another snow day (well, technically it’s not a “Snow” day, it’s a calamity day, because it’s been below zero without wind chill and crazy cold here) and I figured, yesterday was lay around day, today is get stuff done day and blogging was right up there. So let’s get to the fundraiser.

It was held at an indoor tennis club that has been around for decades. I remember my parents playing tennis there when I was younger. But it’s a super facility, has a workout area and several indoor courts. My yoga studio paid for a table and we got VIP treatment the whole night! It was great. Our table was in the front row, goodie bags and Champaign!! Woo Hoo!! On top of that, there were appetizers, open bar and a nice dinner.

There were several items available for a silent auction and also items to bid on prior to the silent auction. I did bid on one item, and it was more than I would have spent, but it was for charity and I figured what the heck. Part of me wanted to win and keep upping my bid, but the sane rational part of me decided to let it go and not go crazy. I lost it in the end, and the final price was WAAAAAY more than I would’ve spent. I’m not sure how I would’ve explained that one to Michael if I had won.

But the best part of the night (besides the open bar) was getting the talk to, relax with and laugh with the wonderful women I was with. Oh boy, did we laugh!! It was so great to let loose, have fun and get to know each other on a deeper level. We have so much in common and what we don’t have in common makes it seem, I don’t know, that much more enlightening. Opening our eyes to other people whose paths might not ever have crossed, and by fate do. And allowing those lives to influence ours is truly a gift.

Over $15,000 dollars (last I heard) was raised Saturday night. I didn’t play tennis, I wish I would have. I love it, even though I suck. Maybe next time. But this time around, it was a great evening and every one of us was so glad we went. If you’re ever invited to a charity function like this, please go. Help raise money and awareness to the cause. And you might just find that you have fun and make some dear friends along the way.


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