Sex Sells?

It’s no secret that anything related to sex usually grabs the attention of everyone. People hear the word s-e-x and even if they are trying to act like they aren’t paying attention, they are. On TV, in magazines, on the internet, in blogs…..

It’s a very interesting phenomenon that happens. Is it that people are curious about what others are doing or is it they’re hoping for something scandalous? Or taboo? Or dirt on someone else? All of the above?

The reason I started thinking about this goes back to the warped way my own brain works. We all know my obsession with 50 Shades of Gray, and the much better written Crossfire fire series (that I hear is going to be a series, not a movie, and that’s very exciting!) and how something as poorly written, I mean, seriously…poorly poorly poorly written, can gain such traction as to be made into a movie. Women all over the world were reading this book. Hiding it from their husbands and kids. Being extremely thankful for their iPad or Nook or Kindle.

I was excited when I first heard they were making it a movie. We had big plans to rent a limo, drink champagne on the way there, drink more champagne after, make it quite the girls night out. Then the inevitable happened…..casting started. No one was pleased with the first choice. Then the casting changed, and the release date was pushed back. Then it was pushed back again after some production changes. And fans grew weary. (We have the attention span of a nat most days)

And then last weekend happened that scared me a bit for any success of this movie. They aired a remake of Flowers in the Attic. This had been tried as a movie decades ago and failed miserably. It was seriously horrible. There was so much hype with this remake, great casting for the 3 female lead Dollanganger girls how could it go wrong?? I mean, Ellen Burstyn!!! Hello???? Heather Graham! But as someone who read those books over and over and over again as a teen, this remake was a flop. The actresses were stiff. The dialog flowed as if they were reading it for the first time off of cue cards. There was no grandeur! There was no terrified pit in your stomach of what would come next. There was no s-e-x.

They are still planning to do the sequel, Petals on the Wind. I hear they’re already planning the sequel to 50 Shades. The actors and actresses were required to sign a 3 movie contract. (From what I read, but hey, I’m no Hollywood agent, what do I know?) But I predict this movie will flop too. Why?? Because of the sex. There will be none. Granted, to do justice to the books, it would have to be rated X and severely limit it’s release. But that was why women read it. Deny it if you want, but that book was so bad, if it wasn’t for the sex, no one would know who EL James was.

So if it’s the sex that sells, (and it does because EL is a very very rich woman now) why are they removing the very thing that attracted the people (eh hem…women) in the first place? I mean, I’m just a housewife from Ohio, but even **I** can see that as a mistake. For the time being, I think I’ll cross off the limo and keep the champagne on ice. Well, maybe I’ll have the champagne now.


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