Fate or Divine Intervention

I had the chance to do some things today that I had been putting off for no particular reason other than simple procrastination. And they weren’t exactly Earth shattering items, just the simple everyday tasks that require attention. And since the temperature was actually above freezing today, I decided to go. And in typical fashion for me, not everything goes as smoothly as it should. I swear these things only happen to me. If this sounds like you, let me know I’m not alone!

I went to the car wash because even though the forecast was for flurries, my car resembled a moving salt barn and the baby blue color was barely recognizable underneath the dirt. My rear window  was a completely covered dirt/sludge/crap mess, except for the part where my rear wiper reached. As I’m pulling out of the wash, it’s snowing. Hard. It’s snowing to the point that I need to use my wipers on my .03 seconds dry windshield. REALLY???

So I head next door to Valvoline for an oil change and I’m thinking to myself how if I could just pull right in there, I could hide from the snow, allow my car to re-dry and get my long overdue oil change. Plus I had a little coupon thingy with me for $7 off, SCORE! Except I couldn’t pull in because apparently everyone else who just left the car wash had the same brilliant idea I did. So as I’m sitting and patiently waiting my turn, I’m convincing myself that, ya know, it’s SNOW and it can’t be dirty and I’m just sitting here in a line, not moving so it can’t be getting dirty. Right?

Oil change done, I have to go to the bank a few miles away. I avoid puddles and other cars like they’re potholes that will swallow my car. I get to the bank, finish up and realize I’ll be driving right by Graeter’s ice cream and how I would really love to get a pint of Cherry Chip before it’s gone. Parking to go to Graeters is street parking and with my non-parallel parking skills, I need a spot to pull right into. And I SEE one! Woo Hoo! My lucky day and I tell myself that it was meant to be that I have that ice cream. I even promised myself to save it for the Super Bowl and that could be my treat instead of all the other not-good-for-me food that will be served. As I creep up to the space, a car pulls in front of me and like a possessed demon snags my spot. Just pulls right in. There are no other spaces. Just MY spot.

For my blog readers who are not from my little town, let me explain, our “downtown” is called “Uptown”. It’s a main drag with wonderful shops and a University and old (mostly) restored houses, along with our police department, courthouse, etc. The main drag is almost always busy regardless of what time of day. Finding on street parking is the luck of the dice. 

So imagine the horror I felt as I came to a stop, not even believing that this rude person just stole my spot, therefore killing my hopes and dreams of getting my beloved Cherry Chip Ice Cream. A car behind me gave a short polite beep, obviously not understanding what had just transpired. As I started moving forward towards this car that took my spot, and she looked over at me with this smirk like she had just stolen the gold medal from my grasp, I had this flash, just for a moment that I was going to flip her off. Yep. I was going to. But as she grinned at me, I instead waved and mouthed “have a good day” and drove off. 

Because in that flash of a second where I almost lost it, I looked at it the other way. If it was fate that was going to allow me the parking spot, it also had to be fate that snatched it away. It wasn’t meant to be. I don’t need that ice cream. I know I would feel guilty for eating it. So perhaps that actually saved me instead of giving me what I thought I wanted. And I was ok with that. 

I like to think of that as Divine Intervention that I all too easily dismiss, until I can’t dismiss it. 

And after I got home, I had to towel off the dirt/grime/crap that had accumulated onto my car. But at least I got my oil changed. 


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