Snooping or Stalking

I wonder what possesses people to look and snoop and gawk at other’s lives. Especially those they don’t like in the first place. And oh, I’m guilty of this too. I’ve done it. I think I’ve done it to glean information. To see if I can corroborate snippets to see if it’s true.

But when someone not only searches for you, comments to you, makes not-so-veiled threats to you, at what point does it become stalkerish? What if you’ve had problems with them in the past and boom, they pick today to come crashing into your life, leaving you feeling panicked and violated?

Social media being what it is can be quite a blessing. I often say how for my generation, it has become a go-to source for information, news, connecting with friends and old classmates who have scattered all across the country, or even other parts of the world. It can be fun, sharing pictures and adventures, even if the adventure is going out to dinner on a Tuesday night with your friends. It has become a way to reach out to someone you’ve lost touch with and reconnect. (Email can feel so 2005!!)

But in all the good that comes from the social media world, you have to take precautions for safety reasons. There are some loonies out there. There could be people who wish to do you harm in one way or the other. And in those instances, we’ve been afforded the opportunity to lock down our profiles, only allow those who we want to see to see us. Most have some “blocking” type feature that you can use to prevent those creepy stalkerish people from looking at your status updates or pictures and we’ve used them. I’ve been blocked by people I never in 10,000 years would think would block me. But whatever. I’ve blocked too. It’s not too difficult to discern who is a “friend” only for snooping purposes and who is a friend.

But if a crack in the armor is found, after what I can only imagine as serious effort, and then comments are posted, it makes me wonder, again, at what point does it become stalkerish? What if one of your social media sites was not locked down like Fort Knox and creepy comments were made?

I would like to ponder that with you. Because to me, that goes beyond the normal curiosity. That goes WAY beyond “hey, I haven’t talked to XX lately, wonder what they’re up to?” or thinking of an old friend or acquaintance and trying to locate them on Twitter. That’s the nature of social media. You have to have a network of people who you interact with. Some more than others, but that’s the nature of the game.

I would love to hear from you what your thoughts are on this. As I said before, I think we’ve ALL snooped on someone’s account at one point or another. Guilty as charged. But at what point does it go beyond that? Does it matter who the person is that is snooping? Or the person you’re snooping? I’d love to hear you’re thoughts before I go further.


2 thoughts on “Snooping or Stalking

  1. Yeah, it’s odd when I look at my blog stats and see a hundred views from right here in Poland. I mean, who is looking at me? friends? Ex-friends? Work colleagues? Weird, boy.

    Usually, I shrug, but sometimes I do wonder if I am being cyber-observed (not necessarily stalked). I mean, I put it all out there, and I know that my staff have found my blog – they know that I am a recovered alcoholic. Some of them have told me about family members who are alcoholics, and they have asked me for support and advice. One guy tried to use it against me (and failed miserably). So, for me, it’s a mixed experience.

    • The great thing Michelle is that when you put it all out there, there’s nothing to hide. I think that can be very freeing. And good for you to not let anyone use it against you. He’ll get his own special brand of karma one day.

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