The Evil Next Door

Most people who know me know we have horrible neighbors. Horrible. In many ways. We have lived in our home for 14 years, as have they, but the past 5 years have been unbelievably rough with them as neighbors. And now they have elevated things by doing the snooping/stalking on my accounts. Every time I think they can’t sink any lower, they find a way. 

I woke up earlier this week to find that one of them had somehow, some way, managed to locate my Instagram account. Not only did they go through all of my pictures on my account, they decided to post comments on some of the pictures. To say I was shocked is an understatement. 

After I went through and locked down my account and blocked the offending person from doing anything else to my account, it really started to sink in that I felt…..violated. Why would they even bother to go through my accounts? What were they trying to find? What else have they tried to get into? 

It has been years since even a word was spoken between our families. We try our very best to completely ignore them, which is extremely difficult sometimes. We don’t step on foot onto their property, not even cutting the grass. We don’t speak to their children, even when they ride their bikes through our lawn and leave ruts after a rain. We simply don’t engage them at all.

The last time there were words spoken is when the husband had the nerve to unlock my gate (he jiggled the warped board of the gate til it opened), he came into my backyard and and retrieved a toy that one of his children threw over our fence. I was startled to see a man in my backyard as I was sitting at my kitchen table. When I opened my screen door and asked him why he was in my yard and how did he get my gate opened, he took a step forward, loudly slammed his hands together and said he was getting a toy and what was I going to do about it? Yea. Scary. 

These are the same people who have called the cops on us for our security camera. (Maybe don’t come into my yard uninvited?) Have thrown rocks at my dog and injured him. Have done unspeakable, simply unspeakable, things to my son. We thought they would move. We prayed for them to move. Many people on our street pray for them to move. Yet they remain. Some how managing to escape two separate foreclosures, they remain. 

And now. Now they are online snooping/stalking. Commenting so I know they are stalking. I think that takes it up a notch, don’t you? So I have double checked that my Facebook is secure. My Instagram is locked and blocked. My Twitter is by invite only. Is my blog next? 

I refuse to let them control my actions, but when I’m afraid of what they’re going to do next, it’s a little unnerving. Good thing I have our police department on speed dial. 



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