Intuition or something bigger?

Have you ever had a relationship with someone who moves in and then out of your life for no specific reason, but then reconnect years later and it almost seems as if there is a force pulling you together?

Similar circumstances, similar life occurrences, similar children, similar in most ways. Parallel lives without realizing it until that one moment of reaching out. 

And what if that reason for reaching out was a feeling so strong that it couldn’t be ignored? Have you felt that? Have you acted on that? Have you felt so strongly to do something that if you didn’t do it you physically felt let down? 

That happened to me yesterday with someone who used to be a dear friend, a strong relationship, and as it appears, a forever bond. She felt compelled to reach to out to me, and did. And our conversation was one of revelation and wonder. One of amazement and disbelief. We were on the phone for at least an hour, these friends who haven’t spoken in over 2 decades. And we didn’t want to hang up because there was so much left to be said. So many questions to still be answered. Dreams to be talked through and analyzed.

After we were done with our phone call, I had a sudden flash of the message this week in church. The phone call and the message, quite literally, went hand in hand. It was actually a little freaky when I realized how much they were connected. Anyone can poo-poo it away all they want. This goes beyond. And I’m amazed with wonder.

I think we all get these feelings or thoughts of reaching out to someone; someone you lost touch with, someone you’re upset with, someone you’re judging, someone that things aren’t just quite “right” with. What is stopping you from reaching out? Fear? Control? Anxiety? Not caring about the other persons feeling? Contempt?

What if that was all wiped away and you could start fresh? What if a true genuine outreach could change the trajectory of someone else’s life? Wouldn’t you want to be a part of that?

I’m so thankful that this person did listen to her inner voice, because I think she had something very powerful to share with me, after all this time. I don’t think it’s coincidence. I think that it was meant to be. And that is very hard to ignore.

So the next time you feel that pull, that person who pops into your mind, please don’t ignore it. act on it. Do it. Use it. The feeling doesn’t come often so listen to it. You have nothing to lose.


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