To list or not to list, that is the question

We live in such a wonderful, rapidly changing time that sometimes it’s hard to keep up with what is going on. We have apps on our phones and iPads, programs on our computers, and instead of watches we carry motivation tools that tell time, our calorie count, our steps and water intake. 

A lot of these apps are amazing and life changing. (I LOVE my Fitbit Flex and I no longer have to do math to calculate a tip thanks to my tip app! Yea!!!) Thanks to do these devices I can play a game, check the weather and connect with friends and make reservations for a night out with friends. I’m alerted to breaking news from breaking local or national news to a friends having her baby. All within seconds. It’s truly amazing. 

But along my app happy way, with different tools coming out seemingly daily, I still find myself reaching for a pencil and paper. I have varying tools that would allow me to tap exactly what I would write. Evernote is amazing and I like how I can organize myself. If you don’t have it, you should try it. It’s also perfect for that jotting down an idea while on the go and pencil and paper aren’t around. 

And yet, when I’m home and I need to write down an address, I reach for a pad of paper. When I’m going to the grocery store, I still write out an actual paper list. There are apps just for going to the grocery store. I find it so much easier and efficient to just write it down. When I’m in my car, if I need to remember an address or idea, I reach for my pink hearts Post-It notes that I keep, along with a pen and a pencil to write it down. That would be a perfect use of Evernote and my phone 99% of the time is plugged in next to me when I’m driving.

I think of all the things I do with my phone and realize that my 40 something self isn’t doing even half of what my youngest is doing in his phone. His phone, which he rarely uses as a phone, but more of a handheld computer. But I notice he also uses paper to leave a note, make a list or figure out his math homework. (Ugh, let’s not talk about math homework. Seriously. Whoever created Common Core math should be shot. I think it’s from the devil. But that’s a subject for a different day) Whenever I see a note written out by him, usually begging me to let him sleep in on the weekend, it impresses me, just a little, that he wrote it out and didn’t text me. And yes, we have been known to text each other while in the same house. Not the same room, at least not yet, but the same house. So much nicer than yelling for him to come down for dinner over the blaring of his music. Or should I say “music”?

I’m glad to know for at least right now, making a list and checking it off hasn’t gone by the wayside. And looking at that completed list is much more satisfying than swiping my finger across my phone or iPad. Let’s hope it sticks around, at least a little while longer. 


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