Cheating, sort of.

I cheated today. I loved it!! And yes, I’m admitting it out loud.

And I did it with permission!!

Ok, ok. Not cheating on my husband. Cheating on my hairdresser.

My hair needed some serious TLC and my hairdresser has been unavailable due to very understandable circumstances. Unfortunately, my hair didn’t seem to care about this and continued to grow. My roots kept getting darker and darker with no consideration to her situation at all! How rude!!!

So with her blessing, I went to another stylist in the salon I go to. I got a cut and color. I got a blow out so my curls are straight. (No, I can’t keep my fingers away from hair now and I’m pretty sure I’ve run a comb through it 5 times since I’ve been back home.) And my hair looks fabulous!

But as much as I love how my hair looks and am so happy to have a competent back up, I’ll never leave my girl. We have been together for so long. When I’m with her, it’s more of a “catch up on each others lives while she plays with my hair” session than just going to get my hair done. She is a friend and confidant, who just happens to work miracles with my hair.

I love my hair today. It was fun and refreshing to go to someone who does it slightly different, achieving great results, and was great to pass the time with. Exciting and slightly guilt inducing.

But no worries, I’ll be staying with my regular girl. We’ll just need to book extra time when she comes back cuz we’ll have even more to catch up on. And I can leave without feeling guilty or the walk of shame to my car.


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