The Switch

I was finally allowed to do something yesterday that most people take for granted. It was long overdue and I’m glad that the ridicule will stop, at least for maybe six months. When even the saleswoman tried to stifle a laugh, you know there’s a problem.

I finally used MY upgrade for my phone. It had been 4-5 years since my last phone was purchased. Oh, I was able to upgrade, except my darling children always upgraded their phones instead of me. It soon became the upgrade bait and switch. “My phone is broken, so I need the next upgrade.” or “My phone is way outdated, so I need the next upgrade.” or even “Mom, you don’t understand, I really need the newest phone because I need that technology.”  I always relented because, well, that’s what good moms do.

My phone worked. It did what I needed it to do. Most of the time. Until lately. I was suddenly not receiving calls. At all. I would be holding my phone in my hand and no ring or vibration. Suddenly I would have a voice mail from a missed call. I was receiving texts days after they were sent. More problematic, was that it would happen randomly. I would miss 3 calls, then get one. I would text for hours, then it would just stop. So this was creating problems with my friends and social life. People thought I was ignoring them. Or dodging a call. Or if plans changed/moved/cancelled I wouldn’t find out. No, this would not do.

So I made the bold switch from always using a Droid to an iPhone. I figured, I love my iPad, now it will be like an iPad that I can make calls with! What’s not to love! My apps all transferred which was amazingly simple. It is pretty easy to use, except I had to go back into a ton of apps and re-sign in. So I needed to try to remember user names and passwords for stuff I haven’t had to for a long time. Good thing I have this stuff written down. Maybe I need to check out a password app? There’s an app for everything!!!

But there is a downside to having an iPhone and iPad and a Windows Laptop. It definitely falls under the category of “Middle Age Woman Problems” Is that a hashtag? I bet it is. Or I just made it be one. I can not, can not, can NOT figure out how to make my phone have a ringtone that is not factory set. I have tried various hints and suggestions that my dear friends have thrown out there to help me. Yea. Only if you have a Mac or MacAir will they work. How am I supposed to live without “All Summer Long”, “Sister Christian”, “Drive”, The Ohio State University Fight Song, or even some Karen Carpenter singing about Christmas? How?? The thought makes me weepy!

I can’t even figure out how to BUY a ringtone, which I honestly don’t think I should have to do since I already bought it once in my iTunes store. So looks like I’ll be heading to my lovely Apple store, bellying up to the Genius bar (which clearly I am not and I don’t think they serve wine either.) and begging them to please have pity on me as I can not, will not, can NOT live with a factory preset ringtone. I mean, a girl has to have her standards, right?? 


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