Snooping or Stalking Pt. 2

One of the fun things about my blog is how it tracks hits. It shows me which posts have been read, on which day, how often, etc. I can pull up any post and see how many times it has been read, commented on, emailed, that kind of thing. 

My “Snooping or Stalking” post seems to be getting quite a bit of press time lately. Any time I log on to do something lately, that post has had several hits. 

Now, a more paranoid person would think the, um, people, who have been snooping and stalking were indeed, back at it. I am not that paranoid person. There is one thing this blog shows, I throw it all out there. I’m not someone secretly hiding behind my monitor and keyboard like some do. You pretty much know what is going on with me and ya know what? I’m beyond fine with that. If I wasn’t, my Facebook and my blog would be non-existent. I’m an open book. 

But as open as I am on here, I’ve tried to not be mean. I’ve discussed personal topics and things that make me go “Hmmmmm”. I’ve discussed trials and joys. Happy and scared. Angry and devastated. Deep hurt and sorrow. Loss. I may seem to put it all out there, but those who know me well know there is much I don’t throw out there. Because I don’t want to be mean. There are opinions I hold off from writing down for all to see. Because I don’t want to be mean. Not one thing that I have written about, ever, has not been done without permission from the person I was writing about. Because I don’t want to be mean.

I’m not a mean person, although that is seen as weakness and some have tried to take advantage of my kindness. And cross or harm my kids, and there is serious Mama Bear stuff here just under the surface. I’ve not written about the ecstatic joy I felt when a certain, um, person, didn’t make a certain team. Because that would be mean. THAT would be mean.

And I don’t want to be mean.   


The long of the short of it…(or something like that)

Hello, it’s me. (Yes, that’s a Todd Rundgren reference for a certain someone) I’ve been meaning to write, but I keep stopping myself. I was finding it difficult to write about personal things going on, so I thought I would take a break. It lasted longer than I would have liked, so this morning, as I was doing yoga (and by the way, I held a side plank today for the first time in awhile. Only on one side, and my arm was trembling like there was an earthquake going on…..but still!!! Small victories where I can take them in MY yoga practice, right Yolanda?), it came to me that I needed to write today. Call it divine inspiration. So I came home, made myself a nice cup of Chai tea with our handy dandy Keurig (have I mentioned how I can no longer live without this wonderful machine in my life?) and came up to write. So here’s the highlights and low-lights. (That reminds me, I need to make a hair appointment soon for highlights, low-lights, and overall summer shine to my ever growing root problem.)

You may remember when we last met that I was going in for my first ever colonoscopy. Well, I received the results a few weeks ago and they were mixed. Out of the 15 polyps I had removed half were completely benign (YEA!!) and the other half were not. Not exactly what a girl of my age wants to hear. They assured me they were completely removed and no further treatment was needed at this time. I do have to return in 12-18 months to have a follow up exam and do it all over again. I am taking the advice of some friends and doing the um, prep work differently. There is also going to be an anesthesiologist in there with me because apparently my blood pressure and heart rate dropped way too low during the procedure and they had to bring me out of the twilight sleep so get everything back up in the normal range. I must’ve scared the doctor because he told Michael he’s putting in my chart to never have me put under without an anesthesiologist present. So I hate IV’s and they apparently hate me right back. That’s fine.

Ryan is almost done with another year of school and it simply freaks me out how time is speeding up. His sophomore year is over in a few weeks and I’ll officially have a junior. Good grief! I remember when Rob was in high school, it went by so fast, especially senior year. It’s a blur of “last moments” and tears and the next thing that has to be done. Ry is the youngest. I want it to slow down. Let him (and me!) enjoy it. Don’t rush it. Rob even admitted the other day that I was so right about slowing down and enjoying it and he wishes he would’ve listened to me. Huh. Mom isn’t so dumb after all? That’s right.

On the flip side of Ryan graduating will be the great news of getting to Florida that much quicker! I’ve started the house hunting and contacted a Realtor down there to start watching for what we want. I figure with two years to look for the perfect house, I can afford to be picky and get exactly what I want. I sent the list of “must haves” and then let’s plop that right next to the beach and we’ll be all set. Oh, and at least 2 palm trees in my yard, because yes, I WILL be one of those people who put Christmas lights in my palm trees and damn it, I might leave them up all year long. Maybe I’ll have a contest with friends voting on the name of the house. My parents named their beach house, so I should continue with the family tradition, right?

I have been having a great time going out with friends and having a cold beverage or glass of wine (or the BEST Cosmo around!!) and now that the weather seems to have broken, those evenings will continue being out of balconies or patios, with music or just laughter of friends having a good time. There is nothing better than being with friends who love, and laugh and make every time the best time. I love them so dearly and they love me back and that’s honestly one of life’s greatest joys. No looking back at sadness, only looking forward to better times and better days! No one needs to drag us down. Ain’t nobody got time for dat!!!

So I’ll try to put aside my trepidation of writing when things might not be the best. I’ve said it a million times before….it’s MY blog, dammit! If you care to read, that’s fantastic. If you want to share, that’s great. If you want to hate, please do it somewhere else where you have other haters to support you. If I’m not your cup of tea (or glass of wine), hey, that’s great too. Thanks for stopping by and thanks for reading. There are 5.29 million OTHER blogs out there for you to read. Enjoy your day and spread joy and light wherever you go. Cheers!!