Snooping or Stalking Pt. 2

One of the fun things about my blog is how it tracks hits. It shows me which posts have been read, on which day, how often, etc. I can pull up any post and see how many times it has been read, commented on, emailed, that kind of thing. 

My “Snooping or Stalking” post seems to be getting quite a bit of press time lately. Any time I log on to do something lately, that post has had several hits. 

Now, a more paranoid person would think the, um, people, who have been snooping and stalking were indeed, back at it. I am not that paranoid person. There is one thing this blog shows, I throw it all out there. I’m not someone secretly hiding behind my monitor and keyboard like some do. You pretty much know what is going on with me and ya know what? I’m beyond fine with that. If I wasn’t, my Facebook and my blog would be non-existent. I’m an open book. 

But as open as I am on here, I’ve tried to not be mean. I’ve discussed personal topics and things that make me go “Hmmmmm”. I’ve discussed trials and joys. Happy and scared. Angry and devastated. Deep hurt and sorrow. Loss. I may seem to put it all out there, but those who know me well know there is much I don’t throw out there. Because I don’t want to be mean. There are opinions I hold off from writing down for all to see. Because I don’t want to be mean. Not one thing that I have written about, ever, has not been done without permission from the person I was writing about. Because I don’t want to be mean.

I’m not a mean person, although that is seen as weakness and some have tried to take advantage of my kindness. And cross or harm my kids, and there is serious Mama Bear stuff here just under the surface. I’ve not written about the ecstatic joy I felt when a certain, um, person, didn’t make a certain team. Because that would be mean. THAT would be mean.

And I don’t want to be mean.   


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