So yea, today is my birthday. Yea! I’m just older and any day now I’m going to start getting AARP crap in the mail and notifications about my Social Security monthly payout if I was to die right now. Thanks a lot SSA for letting me know that.

But this is not a blog post about that. It’s about toast. And my wonderful, oh-so-wise Yogi and her meditation thought from yoga Monday night. Yep. Toast. Pretty deep, right?

Let me start by explaining that it was probably one of the worst Savasana poses in a long time. Except that one time I broke out in tears and cried through the whole thing. No this was a close second. But at least this time there were no tears. It was mostly laughter.

First, there was talking from other people who were there to train. Unless we issue a gag order during Savasana, I think I need to learn to block it out better. Julie is doing a great job. Tammy and I and the other girls, not so much. Second, it was cold because, well, after sweating for an hour and then lying still tends to get a little chilly. So between Tammy and I, we were fumbling around trying to get our sweaters around us without disturbing others. It didn’t work so well. (Note to self: Be prepared for the cold ahead of time!) Then, I sneezed. Not a huge problem, except then I started laughing. Then Tammy started laughing cuz I was laughing.

So much for lying still and only listening to our breath, right?

But then Yolanda started her meditation focus for us. And I’ve been thinking about it ever since. And that too strikes me as funny, simply because it was about toast. Specifically, burnt toast.

She asked what we did when we had a piece of burnt toast. Do we throw it away and start over? Do we try to scrape off the burnt part with a knife? Do we try to cover it up with something else to mask the burnt part? Do we eat it anyway and get through it and promise ourselves we’re going to be more careful next time? Do we convince ourselves we LIKE burnt toast and this is what I wanted in the first place?

And then, while you’re pondering what you do with burnt toast, replace toast with your life. Hmmmmmm. Can you make a fresh start? Can you get rid of that part of you that is holding you back and move forward? Or do you cover what is wrong with other things? Food? Alcohol? Drugs? Gambling? Shopping? Can you get to the root cause of what happened and fix it?

Of course, fixing burnt toast is as easy as changing the setting on the side of the toaster. But fixing what is holding you down is as easy as taking the steps needed to move forward. To stay motivated. To stay focused. Put down the weight that is causing the problems and lighten up. Just like the toast.

And pretty soon, instead of dealing with burnt toast slathered with peanut butter (ya know, the crunchy kind and it’s on so thick you can’t taste the toast anyway?) you can have it lightly toasted with a schtickle of coconut oil. And realize how good it is without all that other stuff.


burnt toast

Girls Night in

So tonight I’m throwing a Girls Night In party with some of my closest friends, lots of drinks, some food and some naughtiness thrown in. A few of my friends and I had been talking about doing this for a while, and we thought, “What are we waiting for?? Let’s just do it!!” So I looked into it, made a few calls and BAM. Here we are.

In preparation for tonight, I have been trying to clean and get organized, making room for everyone who is coming. It has also given me a new insight on to how crap I have that is not necessarily in boxes in the basement!!! Here’s how I know it can be labeled “crap”. When I remove it from the place it has probably been sitting for months (who I am kidding?? YEARS!!) has not been moved, touched or even acknowledged, it’s time to go. I cleaned off one entire counter in the kitchen to make way for drinks, food, drinks, napkins and drinks and I realized how much of that stuff is just clutter than doesn’t need to be there. I cleaned the dining room thinking WHY do I have this here?? It’s just taking up space. OMG, is this the beginning of some minimalist attitude??? ACK!!! I need to get on Amazon STAT!!!

I know that we will have a great time, because, well, we always have a great time! I also don’t think that for a fun bunch of girls to get together means we have to go out to a bar. I mean, I was ALL about the bar scene when I was younger. Especially after my first divorce. I had ever other weekend free, I was young, Woooooo Hoooooooo!! But at some point, the music became too loud, the well drinks were NOT as good as I could make them and the crowd kept getting younger and younger. I am not some stuffy fuddy duddy. I just don’t want to be THAT woman hanging out at some small dank bar where the bartenders know me by name and other people point and say “Oh her?? She’s always here.” Sigh….there is much more to life than being the “Norm!!!!” of a bar! And what better way to do it than a girl’s only party at a house where you can control the music, the atmosphere, the people and NOT serve icky well drinks! (And I refuse to pay with Ryan’s college fund for a great Cosmo made with Grey Goose out at some bar who opens a beer bottle by slamming it against the bar. Ohhhhh like that’s some awesome trick and shows off your mediocre bartending skills. Yes, that’s me rolling my eyes at you.)

I have invited a great bunch of girls and some of them are bringing other friends as well. It’s one of those nights where the vibe “Epic” is already oozing out. We can all feel it. The weather is supposed to be perfect, so we’ll be able to mingle outside as well. Maybe a great night for a bonfire too!! (Note to self, make Michael clear away all his pepper plants and prepare the bonfire for lighting so even **I** can do it) Michael and Ryan have been banished from the house. They get to spend father/son bonding time while I spend girlfriend bonding time. Sounds pretty perfect to me!

I have to put the finishing touches on some on my cleaning, try to do a once over, then time to get dressed and do my hair (YES! I still have pink in it! Don’t judge, it’s fun!) and try to wait to pop the first cork and unscrew that first frosted Goose bottle. I think I can wait. Then again… is MY party…….