True Love

47 years. That’s a long time no matter what. It’s a long way to go, day by day. It’s hard to think 47 years ahead of where you are right now. The world changes so rapidly anymore, that a few months from now could be so radically different than anything we could imagine.

47 years is how long my parents have been married. It’s not a “milestone” anniversary. It’s not a Hallmark greeting card anniversary. But it is another year for two of the most wonderful people I know. In a world full of divorce, and remarriage, and another divorce, and another remarriage, to see that true love still exists, still flourishes, is an amazing sight.

My parents met by living next door to each other when they were very young. Back then, it was very common to buy a home and stay there. Grow your roots there. As they grew up, they went to different schools. My dad is also 4 years older than my mom, so they wouldn’t have exactly crossed paths a lot anyway. Except they were right next door. My dad was in college at THE Ohio State University, working his own way through college because his parents didn’t have the means to send him. My mom was in her senior year, and my dad asked to take her to her senior prom. Oh the pictures of them together on that night are fabulous. He proposed to her that night and they married the following year.

I was born the year after that. My brother 3 years after me. My Dad worked, and went on to do more schooling, and got promoted and worked and did more schooling and got promoted………
He started his career at a national company, an entry-level position and retired the company CEO and President. And my mom cared for us, raised us, sacrificed for us, all the while being the wife behind the man. Elegant at all the important social gatherings they had to attend. Gracious at the events she had to host. They both rose to the occasion and never lost each other in the process.

Dad retired several years ago. The adjustment of always being on the go was one I worried about. But with most things, they handled it with ease. There have been significant health scares for both of them. Mom developed GBS right after Dad retired. It was one of the scariest times in all our lives. Dad and I lived at the hospital, willing her to get well. And she did. Dad has had cancer a few times but has beaten the odds so far. (Knock on wood) He is currently cancer free and his latest screening came back negative. Cheers all around.

So to anyone who thinks true love isn’t alive anymore, they only have to look to my parents as an example. Because true love is alive and well. And I hope there are many, many more years to celebrate more “non-milestone” anniversaries.